Průvodce českou gramatikou
Your guide to Czech grammar

Do you find Czech grammar too complicated?
Does there seem to be too many grammar rules?

Are you lost in the jungle of Czech?

Then read on. I've created a book just for you!


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ČEŠTINA EXTRA – Your guide to Czech grammar.

My book will guide you step by step through the jungle of Czech grammar.


I chose the essential grammar points which are most frequently used. Once you've mastered these you'll be able to express anything you want and understand what people say.

Although grammar is important when you're learning a foreign language, vocabulary and commonly-used phrases are of equal value. That's why I use authentic language from real life; phrases and idioms that are used daily by people and can be heard everywhere you go. So while you're studying the grammar, you'll also get something 'extra' - language 'to go' which you can start using immediately.

There's a lot of useful information about grammar and tips which should make the learning experience easier for you. All this in one textbook!


"This is the book I have been waiting for. There are many textbooks for Czech and I have found some of them quite useful. However, I have found nothing else so easy to use, or so complete, for drilling myself or for looking up a point of grammar that is new or unclear to me.
Because learning to hear another language is always harder for me than learning to read it, I am very glad to have CDs as well.
I want to thank Jana Harperova for providing this book and these CDs for people who are learning Czech. I would also like to thank the person who first showed me this book."
Linda Reilly, English teacher at Channel Crossings language school in Prague

"This is a great book for banging through exercises and helping to fix the Czech grammar rules. Whilst I can’t say they are all in there yet, the book provides the kind of repetitive practice which I needed to start the process of demystifying the declension rules. It’s a well thought out book – as a language teacher I tend to be hypercritical of materials as it’s part of my job, but the only real flaw for me was a difficulty to see whether there was an accent over the letters sometimes (but that’s more to do with my eyesight).
Another good thing about the book is that it contains useful language examples rather than the useless stuff you sometimes find, e.g. „How many hands do you have?“ or „The elephant is in the cupboard?“ This means that it also acts as a sort of phrase book in some ways with real life language that you can put straight to use." David Young, Course Director and teacher trainer at Oxfordtefl in Prague and my former student


It has 50 short units on different grammar points (questions, verbs, nouns). Each of them has two parts – theory and exercises. Most units have theory, explanations and examples on the left side and the exercises for you to complete on the right side.  

All the exercises have been recorded and the
MP3 recordings can be downloaded for free. You can use it as an audio answer key to check correct answers and also for listening practise as they are full of useful phrases.

I use lot of visuals to help you understand the grammar points better. My students have found using colours for cases and a unique marking system for perfective and imperfective verbs especially helpful.

To help you speak Czech correctly, I point out typical and frequently occurring mistakes. To help you understand better, I show the differences between standard Czech and everyday spoken Czech.

Have a look here:

So, do you like ČEŠTINA EXTRA? Do you think it could help you?


If so, you can buy it here:





or at book stores (e.g. Luxor on Václavské náměstí, Palladium or Hlavní nádraží in Prague)


  • 50 units of clear explanations of grammar points and practical exercises
  • answer key at the back of the book and audio answer key
  • coloured chart with main verbs and prepositions for each case
  • grammatical annex (e.g. which words change and which words don't)
  • list of connecting / linking words with information if they change and how they effect the word order
  • list of useful "short" words (e.g. probably, certainly, mainly)
  • list of numbers, how they change and how they can be used
  • English translations of the instructions, grammar terms, useful words and all the "visual" rules

AUDIO ANSWER KEY can be downloaded for free here (or can be bought on CD).

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