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Češtinu pro cizince učím skoro 20 let. Vždycky mě to moc bavilo a baví mě to pořád!

Nejvíc mě baví psát články na Český blog pro cizince a taky vytvářet různá cvičení, která jsou praktická a užitečná a která pomáhají mým studentům komunikovat s Čechy a žít v České republice.

slovíčka - glossary
- baví mě to - to enjoy - I enjoy
skoro - almost / nearly
vždycky - always
pořád - still
nejvíc - most (of all)

článek - article
vytvářet / :vytvořit
něco 4A - to create
různý,-á,-é - different / various
cvičení - exercise
užitečný,-á,-é - useful
pomáhat / :pomoct někomu 3D - to help
žít - to live

Můj příběh

I’m delighted when my students speak fluently, naturally and don’t make many mistakes. I’m very pleased when they know the basic grammar and they’re able to apply it properly. Then they have the confidence to hold a conversation in Czech and they find it easy to communicate with the local people. This has always been my goal from the very beginning of my teaching career.

But in the beginning it wasn’t easy to achieve this.

When I started teaching Czech for foreigners, I soon found out that there was no teaching material I was happy to use. There were only a few textbooks and they all looked the same:

  • too much grammar in each unit and not enough exercises to practise it properly.
  • not enough simple texts for beginners to practise grammar and vocabulary in context; there was usually just one article at the beginning of each unit with all the grammar crammed in.
  • hardly any simple listening exercises for beginners.
  • very few dialogues and a lack of practical and useful phrases in them.

It was impossible for my students to learn to speak Czech well by just going through the exercises in these textbooks.

So I decided to start creating my own exercises and teaching material. And it became my hobby.

I took each grammar point and broke it into small bitesize chunks that are easy to digest. I also made sure that there is enough repetition so that it becomes easier for my students to remember it. I carefully chose the most useful and practical phrases that Czech people actually use, and I focused on them and made sure my students knew these well.

I could see that my material actually worked - my students responded to it and spoke Czech better, more fluently and with fewer mistakes. As my students’ Czech improved, I kept on developing my exercises to help them improve even more.

After a while I realized I had a lot of great exercises that could help not only my students, but anyone studying Czech as a foreign language. I was thinking of publishing them but didn’t know how.

Eventually I showed my material to Akropolis publishing house, they liked it and asked me to write a grammar guide for beginners. It was quite a challenge but eventually Čeština extra was published in 2012 and is currently available on Amazon and in major bookstores in Prague.

While I was working on Čeština extra, I had the idea for a blog for my students; I started writing articles in simplified Czech that would be especially easy for beginners to read. I wanted to help them learn the language by seeing basic grammar structures and vocabulary in context and give them the confidence to use it themselves. I also wanted to share aspects of the language that only native Czechs know, in order to get to know the Czech culture better.  

That’s how Český blog pro cizince came to life. I’ve now written more than 300 articles on various topics – all of them are aimed at people who want to get to learn about Czech language and culture. It’s all for free and I hope that if you have a go at reading the articles you will find your Czech will noticeably improve. Check it out here!

While working on Čeština extra and writing articles for Český blog pro cizince I realized that I very much enjoy creating such exercises and activities to make Czech learning experience easier.

I would love to share all my experience with you; the experience of a teacher who has been teaching Czech for almost 20 years, as well as the experience of a student who has studied a lot of languages (English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch).
I would like to share some techniques with you, which helped me to study these languages and communicate with confidence.

That’s why I decided to set up this website where you will soon be able to download ebooks on different topics or grammar points to help you further with your Czech.